The Process - From Offer to Purchase

The Process - From Offer to Purchase

Some Basic Steps in the Process from Offer to Purchase

1. If requested, Samantha or Mark will complete a comparative market analysis for the property you would like to purchase.

2. When you have made your decision on the home you would like to purchase, Samantha or Mark will explain and complete an offer to purchase.

3. An earnest money deposit should accompany all offers, and will be only cashed upon acceptance. This money will be applied towards your Down Payment.

4. Samantha or Mark will contact the Sellers's Agent and present your offer.

5. Once all parties have reached an agreement as to price, we will prepare the contract, get your final approval, and deliver it to the seller's agent for their final signatures or initials.

6. Samantha or Mark will give you two copies of the contract, and will fax or email one to your attorney or title company as well as one to your lender.

7. Once you have spoken to a home inspector, it is important to let Mark or Samantha know so that the the appointment can be confirmed with the Seller and the listing agent, if any.

8. Remember that it is important to apply for your loan approximately 7 days after acceptance of the offer.

9. Also, ensure that you have the necessary funds to make the earnest deposit (Remember that 401Ks, IRAs and the like are not the equivalent of cash because they cannot be accessed immediately).

10. Remember to Relax. Your attorney, lender, and Samantha or Mark will keep you informed of anything else that needs to be done.





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